Welcome to my blog. This is where I keep a record of my experiences in Poland (including a short stint in England) for onSite 2011. I mostly update the site in my spare time and keep content rather eclectic so hopefully there will always be something of interest to you. Check back often to see what’s going on.

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Labor Day, Flag Day and Constitution Day – May 1-3

In Poland, the beginning of May is a time for remembrance and celebration. They get three days of holiday in a row (though the 2nd technically is still a work day), which is used to spend time with the family while remembering Poland’s past. So, though I’ve been back in Canada for four months now, I thought I’d quickly look back at Poland for a little bit before I leave for Thailand. A quick description of each holiday follows:

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Roger in Thailand

I have been back in Canada now for almost four months and, even though it felt like coming home, I still miss things from living in Poland. Nevertheless, I would like to draw your attention to my new project: Roger In Thailand! I plan to leave for Thailand late May and I hope to be providing much of the same types of posts that I have here. I doubt I’ll be able to reach the same content (as I’ll only be there for about three months), but there should still be something interesting for you folks who enjoyed my content here.

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Final Farewell

Well it seems as if my time here in Poland has come to its end. I fly back to Canada tomorrow to spend Christmas with my family. After that I’ll be back at school in January (I still have another year to go after this). I must say that I’ve really enjoyed living in Poland and blogging about my experiences. Thanks to everyone who made my stay here memorable.

I may have a few more articles to post later on next year, but obviously there will be very little for me to talk about now. I hope to eventually start blogging again, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to that. I’ll make sure to post a link to the new blog when that time comes. But, even if you’ve read all of my posts to date, the fun hasn’t necessarily ended…

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Polish Film No. 5 – Jak Rozpętałem II Wojnę Światową – 1969

The films for today are the three part adventure/war/comedy/epic: Jak Rozpętałem II Wojnę Światową or, in English, How I Unleashed The Second World War. Based on the book by Kazimierz Sławiński, “Przygody kanoniera Dolasa,” the plot follows a young Polish solider, Frank Dolas, throughout the Second World War. It begins with him asleep on a train bound for Berlin. This is, in fact, the last train out of Poland before the Nazis begin their invasion. But Frank is unaware of this; all he knows is that Nazis are the enemy. He starts haphazardly shooting moments before Nazi panzers cross the border. And now, as far as he knows, his blunder has just started the war! Hilarity ensues. Continue reading

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List of Pizzas You Can Order In Poland

I’m pretty sure the love of pizza is a universal phenomenon. That being said, there are different ideas concerning good pizza toppings in Europe and North America. What follows are just a few of the pizzas I’ve seen available in Białystok.

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Polish Gaming No. 6 – Kolejka

Today’s game is not electronic in any way! Its old-fashioned board gaming and, really, you don’t know how old-fashioned it is. We’re taking you on a journey through time to the year 1980 in Poland. During this time, the Communist experiment in Poland was in full force. Poland was in a constant state of crisis and almost everyone was fighting to survive. Everyone had money, but there was never enough available to buy. People waited in lines for hours before stores received their goods though there was often no guarantee that they would. And when the stores opened, people took what ever they had whether they needed it or not. Something was better than nothing because one could always barter for goods at the local bazar. It’s upon this backdrop that we find Kolejka (Queue). Continue reading

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Malbork Castle and the Teutonic Knights

While traveling through Northern Poland, I had the opportunity to visit what was once the capital of the Teutonic Knights: Malbork Castle in Marienburg (modern day Malbork). It’s the word’s largest castle and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This impressive feat of architecture encloses over 50 acres of land by its walls and was designed as an economic and political center. With over 3000 men living and working here at its peak, it ran like a well-oiled machine.

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