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Labor Day, Flag Day and Constitution Day – May 1-3

In Poland, the beginning of May is a time for remembrance and celebration. They get three days of holiday in a row (though the 2nd technically is still a work day), which is used to spend time with the family … Continue reading

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Roger in Thailand

I have been back in Canada now for almost four months and, even though it felt like coming home, I still miss things from living in Poland. Nevertheless, I would like to draw your attention to my new project: Roger … Continue reading

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Final Farewell

Well it seems as if my time here in Poland has come to its end. I fly back to Canada tomorrow to spend Christmas with my family. After that I’ll be back at school in January (I still have another … Continue reading

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Polish Film No. 5 – Jak Rozpętałem II Wojnę Światową – 1969

The films for today are the three part adventure/war/comedy/epic: Jak Rozpętałem II Wojnę Światową or, in English, How I Unleashed The Second World War. Based on the book by Kazimierz Sławiński, “Przygody kanoniera Dolasa,” the plot follows a young Polish … Continue reading

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List of Pizzas You Can Order In Poland

I’m pretty sure the love of pizza is a universal phenomenon. That being said, there are different ideas concerning good pizza toppings in Europe and North America. What follows are just a few of the pizzas I’ve seen available in … Continue reading

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Polish Gaming No. 6 – Kolejka

Today’s game is not electronic in any way! Its old-fashioned board gaming and, really, you don’t know how old-fashioned it is. We’re taking you on a journey through time to the year 1980 in Poland. During this time, the Communist … Continue reading

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Malbork Castle and the Teutonic Knights

While traveling through Northern Poland, I had the opportunity to visit what was once the capital of the Teutonic Knights: Malbork Castle in Marienburg (modern day Malbork). It’s the word’s largest castle and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage … Continue reading

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