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List of Pizzas You Can Order In Poland

I’m pretty sure the love of pizza is a universal phenomenon. That being said, there are different ideas concerning good pizza toppings in Europe and North America. What follows are just a few of the pizzas I’ve seen available in … Continue reading

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Junk Food in the UK

Okay, this is the LAST post about the UK. The next one will definitely be about Poland. But, being Canadian, the British cuisine was still somewhat foreign to me. I took every opportunity I could to expand my horizons and, … Continue reading

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Polish Junk-Food – Part 2

I love being Canadian. And one thing I especially love about Canada is all the weird flavors of potato chips we get (I’m looking at you Ketchup). Not only do we have a wide diversity of popular favorites from the out-set … Continue reading

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Polish Junk-Food – Part 1

So you’re traveling around the world and decide to spend the night in Kraków. You’re a little bit hungry, but it’s Sunday evening so all the shops are closed. You stagger out of your hotel room to the nearest vending machine. … Continue reading

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Polish McDonald’s – Part 2

Oh… there is more McDonalds to be had. But none after this. Seriously,  over the last three months I’ve had everything exciting on the menu now. If you want more McDonalds craziness, you’ll have to go to Japan or something. … Continue reading

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Polish McDonald’s – Part 1

Culturally, I may be bankrupt. And when I say this, what I mean is that: I love fast food. One of my first thoughts after getting off the plane in any foreign country is, “I wonder how the burgers are … Continue reading

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Siti Ice Tea

Pronounced: “Sheety Ice Tea”

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