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Polish Language – Easy Phrases

In my last lesson I gave a basic rundown of the language’s alphabet, sound, and structure. This time I’ll give you a few useful phrases that might help you get around if you ever wake up one day in the … Continue reading

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Coffee News

Yup… they have it in Polish:

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Polish Language – The Basics

Sorry about the hiatus, but I’ve got my computer to run (relatively) stably in safe-mode. So with that, who wants to learn some Polish? Whoa – don’t all speak at once! Don’t worry: through the magic of “the internet” everyone … Continue reading

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Złoty – The Polish Currency

The Złoty, which is subdivided into 100 Groszy, is the sole currency of Poland at the moment. What I mean is that, even though Poland is apart of the EU, you cannot spend Euros in most places (read: anywhere). Being … Continue reading

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Journal Update No. 3 – Uczę się polskiego!

I’ve now been studying Polish for three weeks and I’ve only one more to go! It seems like it’s gone by quickly, so I must have had fun with it. I’d say I’m in the level right below “basic speaker” … Continue reading

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Journal Update No. 2 – Two (Almost Three) Weeks In

Well, I’m in Warsaw now. This will be my home for the next month as I am doing formal Polish language education. I keep hearing about how hard this language is, so I hope that I don’t find it too … Continue reading

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Siti Ice Tea

Pronounced: “Sheety Ice Tea”

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