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List of Pizzas You Can Order In Poland

I’m pretty sure the love of pizza is a universal phenomenon. That being said, there are different ideas concerning good pizza toppings in Europe and North America. What follows are just a few of the pizzas I’ve seen available in … Continue reading

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Polish Independence Day

On this day – November 11th 1918 – WWI ended. This day is celebrated as Independence Day in Poland because Poland was reconstituted with the fall of the Austro-Hungarian and Prussian Empires and the Russian Revolution. In Canada we celebrate … Continue reading

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All Saints’ Day

It was All Saints’ Day yesterday – a national holiday in Poland. Because Poland doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, this is the closest equivalent for many expats living in Poland. It’s nuzzled nicely in-between Canadian and American Thanksgiving and is a day … Continue reading

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Junk Food in the UK

Okay, this is the LAST post about the UK. The next one will definitely be about Poland. But, being Canadian, the British cuisine was still somewhat foreign to me. I took every opportunity I could to expand my horizons and, … Continue reading

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Roger’s Riddles

While I sank into a shank (of lamb), I came up with a few riddles for Lesly to chew on. In perceived order of difficulty: 1. There are three in me, and yet only two! There are two in you, … Continue reading

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Białystok Up To Date Festival Ad

This is an advertisement for the 2011 Białystok Up To Date Festival: It’s too bad that this is happening from the 23rd to the 24th because I would totally be there if I could. Check out their website or Facebook … Continue reading

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Classy British Newspaper Articles

On my first day in England I was casually given a newspaper to read. Being in Poland for the last five months, I hadn’t been able to read a paper in a long time. I was looking forward to be … Continue reading

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